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Lincolnshire Surveys Health and Safety Policy.

Although Lincolnshire Surveys do not have any employees we take our Health & Safety seriously to safeguard ourselves and conduct our undertaking in such a way as to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that other persons who may be affected thereby are not exposed to risks to their health or safety.

Each job is assessed prior to commencement on site with an appropriate risk assessment. This establishes how the survey is to be conducted and what equipment and resources are required to safely carry out the job with minimal risk to all.

From time to time we may engage subcontractors as pole man etc. to assist with surveys carried out. We will provide information, instruction, training and the supervision necessary to ensure that, so far as is reasonably practicable, their health and safety is not compromised.

Appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) including clothing for protection against weather, high visibility waistcoats/jackets safety, safety footwear, hard hats, goggles and safety harnesses will be utilised as required.

First Aid kits and sterile eye wash packs are to be carried in all vehicles (including private vehicles). These kits are maintained in a useable condition at all times and replacements obtained as necessary.

Site Inspection.

When we receive instructions to inspect/survey a site or premises we obtain all relevant information about the property, identify the hazards and carry out a risk assessment. If a risk assessment has been carried out by someone else, we should be issued with a copy to verify the findings.

A risk assessment carried out by Lincolnshire Surveys will have assessed the following: -

Travelling to and from site,

Lone working

Condition of site

Occupation of the site

Site Activity

Site Rules and Welfare

High Structures

Dangerous Substances


Special access

Safe System of working.

Special risks

Special equipment

Loose timbers, glass, metals and other hazardous materials on the site

Masonry Structures

Roofs Structures and finishes

Danger from live and unsecured services

Hidden traps, wells, sumps, ducts and openings

Intruders and others

Unsafe atmospheres


Rural Environments

Vermin and birds

Securing and leaving the site

Sequence of Operation

Plan the location of the survey control stations considering the Health and Safety Implications.

Fix control stations using road pins, note that no long pegs should be hammered into the ground within the boundary of electricity sub-stations.

If using GPS set the base receiver over the base station and begin the procedure for recording satellite data.

If site security has been identified as problem, then the equipment should be secured using a chain and padlock.

For detail work either set up Total Station or GPS rover over control stations and set up in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.

Carry out pre-survey checks in accordance with good practice; make adjustments to collimation etc. Set the tolerances to achieve the accuracy required in the specification.

If live overhead cables have been identified as a hazard, the detail poles used should not be extended beyond 2.5 metres.

Begin taking measurements to features, as required by the specification, taking note of the hazards identified in the risk assessment.

On completion of the survey or at the end of the day, all equipment used will be removed from site.